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Author: Katie Gutzmann

HOOPER, Neb. (Sept. 28, 2015) — Hoegemeyer Hybrids is excited to announce the recipients of its Hoegemeyer Cares Scholarship: Ellen Ries from Iowa State University; Gage Hoegermeyer and Yvonne Moten from University of Nebraska, Lincoln; and Jessica Bramhall from Kansas State University. Each will receive a $500 scholarship for the 2015–2016 academic year. 

Together, Hoegemeyer Hybrids and its customers provide the monies needed for the Hoegemeyer Cares Scholarship Fund. 

Ellen Ries is a senior at Iowa State majoring in agribusiness and agricultural economics. She is the daughter of Greg and Kate Ries of Hastings, Minn. Ries spent her summer studying abroad.

Gage Hoegermeyer is a freshman at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln majoring in mechanized systems management. He is the son of Greg and Patti Hoegermeyer from Herman, Neb. Hoegermeyer currently serves as the Nebraska state FFA president. 

Yvonne Moten is a freshman at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln majoring in agronomy. She is originally from Omaha, Neb. and is the daughter of Shari Moten. Yvonne Moten developed a passion for agriculture through the Omaha Bryan High School urban ag FFA program, which was launched just a few years ago.

Jessica Bramhall is a junior at Kansas State University majoring in agronomy. She is the daughter of Kerry and Kimberly Bramhall of Seneca, Kan. Bramhall is an active student involved in the Wheat State agronomy club, agronomy ambassador and a member of the KSU Forage quiz bowl team. 

“Each year we receive so many excellent applications for this scholarship,” says Hoegemeyer general manager Stephan Becerra. “The students studying agriculture right now are very bright and ambitious, and we should be proud as they start to enter the workforce in the coming years.”

The primary target for this scholarship is high school seniors and college-age students who are pursuing a degree in agriculture, either at a two-year or four-year institution. Hoegemeyer plans to award four $500 scholarships for the 2016–2017 school year. Interested student can check our website,, for scholarship applications starting in February 2016. 

About Hoegemeyer Hybrids
Founded in 1937, Hoegemeyer Hybrids serves farmers with seed products specifically chosen for exceptional performance in the Western Corn Belt. For more information on Hoegemeyer Hybrids, including the company’s complete line of corn, soybean, sorghum and alfalfa products, visit


Author: Katie Gutzmann

Hoegemeyer Hybrids Announces Hoegemeyer Cares Scholarship Recipients

HOOPER, Neb. (August 28, 2014) — Hoegemeyer Hybrids is excited to announce the recipients of the first annual Hoegemeyer Cares Scholarship:  Amanda Vodvarka, a student at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and Tyler Heiman, a student at Kansas State University.  Both Vodvarka & Heiman will receive for the 2014-15 academic year. 

Monies for the Hoegemeyer Cares Scholarship Fund were provided jointly by the ompany as well as customers of Hoegemeyer.

Vodvarka is the daughter of Vern and Becky Vodvarka from Dodge, Nebraska.  She attended Dodge High School and is currently a junior at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln majoring in agronomy.

Heiman is the son of Bruce and Kim Heiman of Summerfield, Kansas.  He attended Axtell High School and is currently a senior at Kansas State University.  He is majoring in animal science with a minor in agronomy. 

“We were overwhelmed by the number and quality of applications we received,” says Hoegemeyer general manager, Stephan Becerra.  “The agriculture industry should be proud to have such a bright pipeline of students that will be entering into the workforce in the coming years.”

The primary target for this scholarship is high school seniors and college-age students who are entering into a degree in agriculture, either at a two-year or four-year institution. Hoegemeyer plans to award four $500 scholarships for the 2015-16 school year.  Interested applicants can check our website,, for scholarship applications starting in January 2015.

Farmers Cooperative and Hoegemeyer Hybrids Announce Strategic Alliance

Farmers Cooperative to Sell Hoegemeyer's Broad Portfolio of Genetics

AMES, IA, and HOOPER, NE, April 8, 2013 – Farmers Cooperative Company (FC) and Hoegemeyer Hybrids announced today they have formed a strategic alliance enabling FC to be an exclusive dealer of Hoegemeyer and HPT® brand seed in 37 counties of Iowa.

“We’re proud to work with an amazing organization to provide our farmer-owners access to another of the largest pools of germplasm in the world,” says Gary Peter, FC Vice President of Agronomy Sales and Marketing. “With our DeKalb/Asgrow brand, we have access to the immense pool of Monsanto genetics. This collaboration rounds out our lineup and provides our growers the advantages of the DuPont Pioneer innovations in Hoegemeyer and HPT brand genetics.”

FC and Hoegemeyer share like-minded core values and a rich history of serving farmers in terms of their individual needs, which continues to be a focus, even in today’s global marketplace.

“The Hoegemeyer brand and products have been recognized for over 75 years for quality and consistency.  Our diverse genetic line up will bring strong yield performance and will protect against challenges growing in importance in Iowa, like Goss’s Wilt.  We are excited to be able to work with a tremendous company like FC,” says Stephan Becerra, Hoegemeyer General Manager.

FC is the largest cooperative in Iowa, serving a trade territory of over 3,000,000 acres. This agreement will enable FC to be the exclusive retailer of Hoegemeyer seed within that territory, allowing growers to have genetic and trait access they can’t find elsewhere.

“We believe that sets us apart in the industry in terms of what we can offer a grower,” says Todd Claussen, FC Director of Agronomy Technical Services. “We will be bringing a unique bag of seed to the growers in our footprint. The genetics will be hand-selected to match the needs of the farmers we serve. That’s a huge advantage for our customers. They are basically able to have their bag of seed genetically formulated to match the acres on their farm.”

As a cooperative, FC’s philosophy is to utilize the combined resources of their members and bring value back to the farmers who own the company. This relationship allows FC to provide its members something no other retailers in this area are able to offer.

“The power of the DeKalb/Asgrow brand, combined with all that Hoegemeyer brings to the mix creates a lineup that will bring unmatched genetics and innovation together.  We value the new alliance because it dovetails with our flagship brand to offer something completely unique to the marketplace,” said Peter. “We believe Hoegemeyer, backed by DuPont Pioneer genetics, has both the pedigree and the performance to be on the FC roster. We’re planning on some big wins for our growers.”

Founded in 1937, Hoegemeyer Hybrids serves farmers with seed products specifically chosen for exceptional performance in the Western Corn Belt.  For more information on the complete line of Hoegemeyer products, please visit

FC is the largest farmer-owned agriculture cooperative in Iowa, founded in 1881 on the premise that if a group of people with similar goals get together, they can achieve more than any one of them could on their own. Today, FC serves over 5,300 active members throughout a trade territory of over 3,000,000 acres. Members are served from over 50 locations by more than 450 full time employees. For more information, visit


® HPT is a registered trademark of Pioneer. HPT® brand seed is distributed by Hoegemeyer Hybrids.

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January 16, 2012

Katie Gutzmann
Marketing Communications Manager
Hoegemeyer Hybrids

Optimum® AQUAmax™Article

Hoegemeyer Hybrids Releases Three New Optimum® AQUAmax™
Corn Genetic Platforms for 2012

(Hooper, Nebraska)—Three new corn genetic platforms designed to deliver a yield advantage in water-limited environments in the Western Corn Belt are now available from Hoegemeyer Hybrids for the 2012 growing season.

“Hoegemeyer Hybrids is excited to offer growers in the Western Corn Belt these new Optimum® AQUAmax™ hybrids for the 2012 growing season,” says Stephan Becerra, Hoegemeyer General Manager. “These hybrids provide growers additional choices to help minimize risk and maximize productivity under drought stress.”

Optimum® AQUAmax™ hybrids have demonstrated an average 5 percent yield advantage over leading commercial corn hybrids tested.

The Optimum® AQUAmax™ corn hybrids, available in the HPT® brand, are 7644 HX/LL/RR™,  7876 AM-R™, 7877 AMX-R™ and 7906 HX/LL/RR™.  This first offering of hybrids range in relative maturity from 106 days to 109 days, with plans to further expand the maturity options in future years.

“Optimum® AQUAmax™ hybrids come from a class of genetics developed using genes already native to the corn germplasm, using innovative marker assisted breeding methods known as Accelerated Yield Technology (AYT™) system from Pioneer. These elite hybrids have been screened across multiple years in true drought environments in the Western Corn Belt,” according to Hoegemeyer Corn Product Manager Ryan Siefken. “Along with their performance under drought stress, we have seen a positive yield response to higher planting populations in our agronomic trials.”

Contact your local Hoegemeyer seed representative for availability of Optimum AQUAmax hybrids in your area.

About Hoegemeyer Hybrids

Founded in 1937, Hoegemeyer Hybrids serves farmers with seed products specifically chosen for exceptional performance in the Western Corn Belt. For more information on the complete line of Hoegemeyer corn, soybean, sorghum and alfalfa seed available for 2012, visit


(®HPT, Optimum® and AQUAmax™ and AcreMax™ are trademarks of Pioneer Hi-Bred. Optimum® AQUAmax™ is available in the HPT® brand. HPT® brand seed is distributed by Hoegemeyer. ®, ™ trademarks of Hoegemeyer. © 2011 Hoegemeyer.)

Hoegemeyer Enters Into Agreement with Pioneer Hi-Bred

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Stephan Becerra, President

Hoegemeyer Hybrids Inc.


Hoegemeyer Hybrids Inc., headquartered in Hooper, NE, has entered into an agreement with Pioneer Hi-Bred to be acquired sometime later in 2010.

Hooper, NE (June 2, 2010) Hoegemeyer Hybrids announced today that it will be acquired by DuPont business Pioneer Hi-Bred sometime later this year. Hoegemeyer Hybrids will operate much the way it always has, as a stand-alone entity, and management of the company will continue under the existing leadership of Stephan Becerra, and Tom and Chris Hoegemeyer, all members of the Hoegemeyer family.

Hoegemeyer Enterprises Inc., a seed production company, will continue to be owned by the Hoegemeyer family. It will operate as it has for over 70 years, producing and delivering high quality seed for Hoegemeyer Hybrids and others in the industry.

Founded in 1937 by H. Chris Hoegemeyer and his son, Leonard C. Hoegemeyer, when the science of producing hybrid seed was just dawning, Hoegemeyer Hybrids has been dedicated to finding rugged, stress-tolerant hybrids and to providing quality seed to farmers in the Western Corn Belt ever since. That legacy was enhanced when Tom Hoegemeyer, respected as one of the most innovative plant breeders in the industry today, joined the company in 1974.  Since that time, Tom has witnessed the evolution of the industry first hand.  “Over the past 15 years Hoegemeyer Hybrids has reinvented itself several times.  In order to continue to provide our dealers and customers with the best hybrids and biotechnology at reasonable costs, we, again, are looking at a new model and new opportunities,” said Tom Hoegemeyer, Chief Technology officer.

Stephan Becerra, President of Hoegemeyer Hybrids said:  “With the pace of change accelerating every year, we felt that aligning ourselves with a strong player like Pioneer that shares similar values, would ensure our customers timely access to new genetics and trait innovations at a fair price and give our employees and brand the best opportunity to grow and thrive into the future.  This agreement will expand product choices and the benefits Hoegemeyer customers can gain from Pioneer’s extensive research and technology pipeline, while still retaining Hoegemeyer’s values and way of working for our customers.  It is also our intent to continue to access the best trait and genetic packages available from other industry players.”

Hoegemeyer will still remain a family run and oriented company. “Putting customer’s needs first is what has kept them coming back and we have no intention of changing that approach.  We are committed working with customers the way we always have, and we will use this opportunity to maximize the value that Hoegemeyer will continue to bring to its customers,” stated Chris Hoegemeyer, Executive Vice President.

Nebraska Farmer
Posted: Thu October 1, 2009

Nebraska Farmer Article


RESEARCHERS know a lot about corn genetics, but much remains to be learned, Tom Hoegemeyer, chief technology officer of Hoegemeyer Hybrids, told a large field day audience late this summer.

“With sequencing, you can go into the DNA, look at it piece by piece, and know the genetic code. But that doesn’t tell you what it does,” he says.

Plant genetics are complicated, due in part to photosynthesis activities. There are 23,000 genes in a human and about 50,000 genes in a corn plant. There are three to five races of people and 250 races of corn.

Some of the new hybrids that are under development have genetic material from Central America and South America, the plant breeder says. Further down the line, there will be more corn varieties bred for different end uses, with special amino acids to suit their uses.

Farmers will be seeing drought-tolerant corn varieties by 2015 and 2020, he says. Coming soon in disease-resistant
traits is anthracnose resistance.

Hoegemeyer also foresees improvements coming in the nitrogen-use efficiency of corn. Currently, only about 50% of the available nitrogen is captured by the corn plant.

“We need to control what’s stealing yield from us,” Hoegemeyer says.

Plant corn when soil temperatures reach 50 degrees F or are rapidly warming to that temperature, advises Roger Elmore,
Iowa State University agronomist and former University of Nebraska agronomist. Elmore addressed the crowd at the Hoegemeyer Hybrids field day.

Yields are reduced more by planting too late rather than too early. Research at Iowa State finds only a small yield loss with very early planting of corn. Planting 10 days before the optimum window is a safer practice than planting 10 days after the optimum planting window, according to Elmore.