Varieties that perform every season.

We offer the latest high-yielding, protein-rich alfalfa varieties giving you excellent traffic tolerance, including premium hay alternatives. Whatever you need, our forage experts will identify what's right for your field.

HI-GEST 360™

  • Produces high tonnage and high quality alfalfa
  • Fall dormancy 3
  • Medium tall plants with a high stem count and dense canopy
  • Excellent overall disease package


  • Tolerates grazing, compaction, and related production challenges
  • Fall dormancy 3 with excellent winter hardiness
  • Good tolerance for high salt/saline soils
  • The most popular Hoegemeyer alfalfa brand


  • Features hi-salt salinity tolerance
  • Fall dormancy 4 with top yield potential
  • Aggressive seedling growth for rapid stand establishment
  • Excellent forage quality

NEW - 463 RR™

  • Features the Roundup Ready trait
  • Fall Dormancy 4 with high yield potential
  • Good overall disease package
  • Not recommended for high salt soils


  • Best choice for aggressively managed alfalfa production
  • Fall dormancy 4 with very high yield potential
  • Very good winter hardiness
  • Early maturing with fast regrowth after harvest