Our roots run deeper

A seed brand built on trusted relationships.

Trust that farmer success is our number one priority. Trust that we will work with you to understand your needs and unique growing conditions. Trust that we will only recommend the right seed for your acres. Why? Because we live and work here. We serve our neighbors, our friends and our families. It’s that commitment to those trusted relationships that will continue to make Hoegemeyer Hybrids the leader of seed solutions and farmer success in the Western Corn Belt.


Hoegemeyer Mission and Values Sign

The Heart of Hoegemeyer


From our front office to our district sales managers, agronomists and seed dealers, Hoegemeyer is more than just a company. We’re more loyal to local in everything we do and every service we offer. We champion our customers and neighbors. Your success is ours. We are united together as one community through our values, families and fellowship. We’re stronger for it, and so are our crops. Because we are fully committed to world-class growth. Right here.


Local know-how that’s only been focused here and nowhere else. That’s what makes Hoegemeyer different. Our products grow better here, because we are products of this land. Leading genetics and technology from US-based Corteva Agriscience. We offer insider knowledge and foresight that no outsider can offer. Our expert understanding of these unique soils, challenges and opportunities — plus the power of product placement with precision ag — is how we tailor the right product for you. Acre for acre.


Our people are firmly rooted right here. From being family founded in 1937, to walking these fields for more than 85 years. Hoegemeyer is a culture based in family knowing — and serving — this way of life. We value the dedication that farmers give to their land every year, the sacrifice and sweat that goes into every harvest. It’s bigger than a profession, it’s a calling we honor with dignity and sweat. Season after successful season.