Yield Data

View the latest yield data and proven performance from Hoegemeyer.

We're growing stronger numbers and putting stronger genetics into the Western Corn Belt.

Hoegemeyer uses a large network of plots to evaluate our products. The information that we gather allows us to select the right seed for our customers’ unique growing conditions. We employ multiple testing strategies in order to accomplish this:

Strip Plots

The traditional plot that you see grown along local roads and highways. These are long strips planted and harvested by our customers and dealers. Harvest data is collected with a weigh wagon and moisture tester.


  • Test in our customers’ fields, under the same tough conditions they farm under
  • Large sample area allows product differentiation for characteristics such as standability
  • High visibility

Mini-Strip Plots

Short strips planted and harvested by the Hoegemeyer Research department at carefully selected locations.


  • Test a higher number of products than a traditional strip test
  • Allows for replication
  • Samples a larger field area than small plots.

Small Plots

Small plots planted and harvested by Hoegemeyer and affiliated researchers.


  • Test hundreds of experimental hybrids and varieties.
  • Ability to screen products across a wide range of environments.
  • Requires minimal amounts of seed and field space.