Enlist E3 Soybeans - 2021

Teal Mills, Southern Product Agronomist
January 3, 2022

Strong yield performance. 

  • The Enlist E3 soybean lineup has had a strong year on yield performance across a variety of acres. To see how the Enlist lineup performed in your area look at our internal trials available at  The Right Seed . There is also data available from third party trials on the Hoegemeyer website.

Know the Facts.

There has been mis-guided information spread about what caused the cupping observed in 2021. Is dicamba the culprit?

  • No peer-reviewed data shows ammonia sulfate or liberty as the cause leaf cupping in soybeans.  Both chemicals have been used widely in growing seasons prior to release of Xtend or Enlist soybeans with no documented cupping (IowaStateSoybeanCupping2021).
  • Some cases of dicamba injury were being incorrectly diagnosed as injury to 2,4-D (Enlist One). Dicamba causes cupping of leaf margins (edges), stacked or increased number of nodes, and can be present for many weeks following exposure depending on the rate of exposure and environmental conditions. Enlist One causes leaf strapping (long narrow leaves) which causes the leaf veins to look more parallel. Visit  Purdue2,4-DvsDicambaSymptomology  for pictures and further understanding of differences between injury.
  • Increased temperatures and lack of humidity like we observed in 2021 can cause dicamba residues to stay on leaf surfaces longer. This causes more issues with volatility after spraying than in humid conditions.
  • Enlist One and Duo are both formulated so off target drift and volatility do not occur when correct spray procedures are followed – check the label.  For information on current in-crop restrictions between dicamba and Enlist herbicides visit  TheDirtBlogEnlistandDicamba2021.  
  • More flexibility in spray timing with Enlist One. With Enlist One the current cut off for spray applications is R2 (full bloom). There are no state mandated cut off dates, so Enlist soybeans are a good option for first crop soybeans as well as double crop acres.

Extensive tolerance testing

  • The Enlist E3 trait has been tested and reviewed since 2010. No observation of Enlist soybeans cupping as response to either Enlist One or Duo applications have been observed in a wide range of environmental conditions during this testing time. As mentioned earlier, Enlist One does not cause cupping on soybeans dicamba causes leaf margins to cup.


If you have further questions about the right Enlist soybean seed for your farm reach out to your local Hoegemeyer DSM or agronomist.

  • Teal Mills, Southern Product Agronomist