Planting corn on corn in 2022: Stopping corn rootworm with Hoegemeyer Qrome products

Craig Langemeier, Western Product Agronomist
December 21, 2021

It’s a cold Tuesday morning here in Eastern Nebraska, but for mid-December, temperatures are average to above-average yet. So far, this winter has been extremely mild and that looks to continue in the 10-day forecast. The weather is great for farmers applying fertilizer, finishing up fall fieldwork and livestock producers, but a mild winter is also good for the survivability of corn rootworm eggs in our soils. If the winter continues to stay mild and you’re planning to plant corn on corn we’re seeing Hoegemeyer brand Qrome products stopping corn rootworm feeding and producing big yields. Below, I will discuss a few Qrome products and how they work on different acres.


7404 Q A proven 104-day AQUAmax that works across a variety of acres. From tough dryland in South Dakota, Kansas and Nebraska to high-yield acres in Nebraska, and Iowa this 104-day Qrome will bring a new yield level to your farm. 

7921 Q A new 109-day that brings a lot of yield and good agronomics to the 109-day market. It needs to be kept on irrigated acres for best results. This new Qrome beats 7990 Q by 2.2 bushels across irrigated acres in Nebraska. 

8188 Q A 111-day Qrome that’s first out of the ground. Good agronomics and high yield make this a must plant. 8188 Q won 11 customer strip plots in 2021 and yielded over 300 bu/ac in 12 plots in 2021. 

8491 Q A full season AQUAmax hybrid with good agronomics and solid yield potential. 8491 Q has yielded consistently across a variety of soil types and geographies.  Bump the population a bit for best results.

8637 Q A full-season irrigated hybrid with outstanding yield potential. 8637 Q has excellent tolerance to Goss’s wilt and brings heavy test weight to the full season line-up. This product beats Dekalb 70-26 SSRIB by 11.5 bu/ac and is 2.7 points of moisture drier at harvest in customer strip trails in 2021.

With maturities ranging from 104-day to 116-day, there are great products left to fit any acre.  Reach out to your local Hoegemeyer DSM or Agronomist if you have any questions regarding Qrome Hybrids from Hoegemeyer.


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