Four legacy seed brands, now standing together as Hoegemeyer Hybrids

May 9, 2018

Deep Roots. Shared Vision.

It’s not about looking back. It’s about moving forward as one. Four legacy seed brands, now standing together as Hoegemeyer Hybrids. United in purpose and vision to create a stronger, western-focused brand. With our expanded agronomic resources, we will continue to provide innovative products and exceptional service to ensure long-term success for our customers.

NuTech Seed

NuTech Seed brings a strong and proven culture of high performance fueled by ideas, innovations and a results-oriented approach. While NuTech will continue serving farmers to the East, their Western experts are joining the Hoegemeyer family to help build dynamic, grower relationships and continue to offer product choices.

Prairie Brand

Built on a rich tradition of soybean expertise and progressive seed solutions, Prairie Brand will help us build strong relationships in the Western Corn Belt. With passion and knowledge, these seed professionals will help us move forward with a relentless focus on the future success of Hoegemeyer farmers.


For over 80 years, Curry has stood for farmer success with corn and soybean expertise bred to perform in unique soil conditions. Their experts are deeply rooted in the communities they serve, forging strong relationships and backing them up with integrity. By integrating their culture and processes, Hoegemeyer is positioned to bring added solutions and unmatched service to the Western Corn Belt.

Hoegemeyer The Right Seed

Hoegemeyer moves forward as an established, regional brand focused on providing farmers in the Western Corn Belt expanded agronomic resources, support and the right seed. This includes offering popular products from Curry Seed, Prairie Brand and NuTech to give farmers the options they deserve. By learning and taking the very best from the seed brands joining our family, Hoegemeyer will continue to cultivate a culture of integrity and continuous improvement, with an unwavering commitment to reinvest in our products and people