Whole-Farm Control of Pests and Weeds


Next-gen corn farming right here on your fields. PowerCore® Enlist® corn represents the most advanced combination of high-yield genetics, premium control and flexibility for your fields.

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PowerCore Enlist corn corn is stacked with Enlist corn Bt traits for three distinct modes of action. In addition, Enlist offers better control over late season emerged broadleaf weeds, like Waterhemp and Palmer amaranth.


PowerCore Enlist corn is tolerant to multiple herbicides, including glyphosate, glufosinate, 2,4-D choline, and FOPS. This flexibility allows you to choose the herbicides that best suit your specific weed management practices and maximize your yield potential.


Enlist stays on target with lower volatility than both dicamba and traditional 2,4-D formulations sometimes used early post-emergence on corn. Enlist herbicide application window has a wider application window to 30” corn (48” corn if applied using drop nozzles) – longer window than traditional 2,4-D on non-traited corn.

Comprehensive Pest Control

PowerCore Enlist corn traits effectively protect your crop from susceptible pests like: 

  • European corn borer
  • Fall armyworm
  • Southwestern corn borer
  • Black cutworm – trials results show greater protection against black cutworm than competitor products, with a nearly 35% reduction in cutworm pressure comparison compared to VT Double PRO® corn.*  

* Rule, D. M., S. P. Nolting, et al. 2014. Efficacy of pyramided Bt proteins Cry1F, Cry1A.105, and Cry2Ab2 expressed in SmartStax® corn hybrids against lepidopteran insect pests in the northern United States. Journal of Economic Entomology 107 (1): 403–409.


High Yield Potential

PowerCore Enlist corn boasts a diverse lineup of high-yield genetics across various maturity ranges. These genetics are rigorously evaluated for key agronomic traits such as root and stalk strength, disease tolerance, and drought.

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Corn Earworm & Western Bean Cutworm Protection

PowerCore® Ultra Enlist® corn gives farmers another option in weed control, delivering an additional mode of action for geographies that need more protection against corn earworm and western bean cutworm.