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Hoegemeyer brand Qrome® products. Performance. Proven locally.

Hoegemeyer brand Qrome products had a 7.4 bu/a advantage in 4,694 comparisons across the Western Corn Belt. Get results backed by solid proof. Get rootworm protection without sacrificing yields. Get growing now and far into the future with Qrome technology from Hoegemeyer.

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What our customers are saying

Real praise for Hoegemeyer brand Qrome products

The Qrome trait adds to the bottom line.

Steve Casper

With Qrome products, you get full insect protection with no sacrifice to yield.

Brad Ensz

I chose to plant to Qrome hybrids from Hoegemeyer because the plants look better longer in the season, the leaves are bigger, the stalks are greener and the yield trials have shown an increase in yield.”

Matt Maynard