Nematicide Seed Treatments Protect Corn and Soybeans from the Start

Hoegemeyer Hybrids
April 22, 2021

When nematodes infest a field, they can do extensive damage to the roots and, by season’s end, to yield. Due to their small size and patchy distribution pattern, nematodes are often overlooked for the yield-impacting problem they are. They are often referred to as “silent yield-robbers” since their symptomology is not easily seen above-ground. While infrequent, severe damage can be as high as 50% loss.1

Because nematode populations tend to grow fastest early in the growing season, they are well suited for control with seed treatments. Hoegemeyer Hybrids offers proven nematode protection for corn and soybeans as part of LumiGEN® seed treatments.

For Corn

Lumialza™ nematicide seed treatment is effective against the seven key species of corn nematodes (sting, needle, lance, stubby-root, root-knot, dagger, and lesion).

Duration of Protection

Treatment Effect

Yield Advantage*

Provides 80+ days of Protection to shield roots during critical development

  • Creates an expanding bio-barrier around the plant’s roots
  • Inhibits nematode contact
  • Paralyzes nematodes
  • Cooperates with beneficial organisms to improve water and nutrient absorption

Low Pressure – 3.7 bu/A

Heavy Pressure – up to 9 bu/A


This photo shows the bio-barrier formed by Lumialza shielding a corn root.
The roots for the plant from Lumialza-treated seed are much healthier and fully developed.


For Soybeans 

ILEVO® seed treatment works against SCN and sudden death syndrome (SDS), two major threats to soybean yield.

Duration of Protection

Treatment Effect

Yield Advantage**

Controls SCN across parasite’s entire lifecycle

  • Reduces hatching nematodes by 96%
  • Inhibits cellular respiration in nematodes

+1.1 bu/A over CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® + Saltro®


+3.8 bu/A over Base



SCN Pressure is increasing in major soybean-producing states - Known distribution of soybean cyst nematode


Seed is every farmer’s most important input, so getting the most out of that investment is vital. LumiGEN seed treatments are made for our genetics: designed, verified, and proven in the field on the hybrids and varieties you grow. Lumialza and ILEVO help keep pests and diseases at bay to protect the high-performance genetics in your lineup. 


* Data is based on 10-state broad-acre head-to-head strip trial comparing Lumialza nematicide seed treatment vs. non-nematicide seed treatment utilizing the same insecticide and fungicide recipe in seed-applied technology replicated and strip trial data. Yields ranged from 3 to 9 bu/A, depending on nematode species and population, in 184 low-stress and 54 moderate- to high-stress locations.

** Corteva Research Trials ILEVO® Outperforms the Competition

1 “Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) - Soybean Disease - Soybean Research & Information Network - SRIN,” Soybean Research & Information Network, January 25, 2021, Corteva™ Agriscience

2 Beeman and Tylka. 2017. Iowa State University.

Information courtesy of Corteva™ Agriscience