Early Performance Results Can Help Determine What To Plant In 2021

Craig Langemeier, Western Product Agronomist
October 15, 2020

Harvest is off to an early start across our footprint with the majority of soybeans combined and most producers have started on corn. Yields have been variable on dryland across the Western Corn Belt with most crops suffering a little during a sunny, dry August. Irrigated yields look to be almost as good as 2012 for many producers. Soybean harvest started early, but most farmers only experienced 1 rain delay during the entire soybean harvest. Let’s take a look at some key Hoegemeyer products that are yielding well in our Western footprint.


  • 2540 ETM - An early group two Enlist E3®soybean with great top end yield and tolerance to IDC for growers in the Hoegemeyer footprint. 
  • 2660 ETM – An industry yield leader in a group two Enlist E3®soybean. Plant this product anywhere you want to achieve high yields.
  • 2820 ETM – A more defensive, late group two Enlist E3®soybean that has excellent tolerance to Sudden Death Syndrome and White Mold.
  • 3030 ETM – A great fit for any producer wanting an early group three Enlist E3®soybean. High yields and good canopy for any producer in the eastern side of Nebraska, South Dakota and western Iowa.
  • 3120 ETM – A soybean that excels in central and western Nebraska on irrigated acres.  Plant this one anywhere lodging has been an issue as plant is a 4.  Good yields in an early group 3.1 Enlist E3®soybean.


  • 8009 AMTM – A new 110-day double stack with exceptional top end yield and a good agronomic package.  Good Greensnap tolerance, late stalk and late root.  Moderate plant height and ear placement make this a great option for irrigated acres in eastern Nebraska.
  • 8188 QTM – A new 111-day Hoegemeyer brand Qrome® product that can be planted on any irrigated or above average dryland. Yields have been coming out above average with good stalks, stress emergence and staygreen. 
  • 8233 AMTM / 8235 QTM – A new 112-day Optimum® AQUAmax® product that can be planted on any acre in the Hoegemeyer footprint.  8233 AM has had strong dryland yields and 8235 QTM has been beating the plot average all across the Hoegemeyer geography.
  • 8529 AMTM / 8531 QTM – A few years old but still the yield king.  8529 AMTM has been topping plots across the state for the fourth year in a row.  Plant on highly managed irrigated acres and be sure to harvest timely.
  • 8636 AMTM / 8637 QTM – A great dual purpose product with excellent grain quality and late season standability.  Good staygreen, Goss’s Wilt tolerance and ear flex for productive dryland and irrigated acres.

To see local plot results from this growing season in your area, look at the Yield Data page or feel free to contact your local Hoegemeyer DSM or agronomist.