Intern Update: Connor's Week 6

Connor Duncan, 2022 Intern
June 24, 2022

Last week the Hoegemeyer team traveled to Lincoln, Nebraska for the summer sales kick-off meeting. During the two-day event, the team was able to network with one another along with learning from some of the best in the seed industry. 

On the last day of the event, the team participated in a sales training session put on by Mr. Joe Bannon. During the two-hour training session, the team was able to learn all aspects of making a sale from cold calling to closing the sale. We were able to look at the statistics behind each aspect of selling and really understand customers and understand the best ways to reach each potential customer as everyone's operations are a little bit different. We then moved into handling objections and learned some very valuable tips on how to give a solid response without simply walking away from a potential sale. 

Finally, we moved into closing the sale and learned that you have to base it on the personality of the customer. As the salesperson, you must be flexible in the way that you attempt to close the sale. Overall, Joe brought a lot of helpful tips and ideas to the Hoegemeyer team that everyone will find beneficial during this upcoming sale season.