Ways to Interact with Your Team and Get to Know Everyone.

Trisha Dybdal, 2022 Intern
July 15, 2022

When starting a new job, it can be difficult to remember everyone, and can take a while to get to know them personally. One thing that I started recently was an employee highlight. This has allowed me to get to know everyone I work with in the office and outside of the office. There are 2 easy ways to be able to get employees involved, so they know a little more about their coworkers.

Employee Highlights


Doing an employee highlight allows everyone to create a biography about themselves. You can learn and share what your company’s brand means to people. It allows other people in the company to be able to other workers in the company that they may not know as well. If you are looking to get some video content for your business, this is a great way to ask questions to get great answers to share. If you are not able to reach everyone, it doesn’t need to be done in a video. You can send an email to people and have them answer questions and share their information that way instead.

This is one that can be an ongoing project that doesn’t need to be done right away. For bigger companies, it can take a little longer to reach out to everyone. This is one of my favorite ways to be able to get to know my coworkers. Since I started this project, I have been able to get to know quite a few more people and I look forward to reaching out to more within Hoegemeyer.

Ice Breakers


Ice breakers are that one thing that people try to avoid. I know I do this. They can be awkward, and you may not always know what to say. But they are another easy way to allow new hires to loosen up and get to know everyone they are working with. Whether it is in one department or the whole company, ice breakers allow different questions to be asked and people can learn little fun facts about one another.

Doing something like this could mean more than just sitting in a conference room with a big group of people. You could take people to a restaurant or somewhere to get them out of the office. Doing this will help everyone relax a little more so that they are all able to get to know one another.