Intern Update: Trisha's Week 7

Trisha Dybdal, 2022 Intern
July 1, 2022

As another week comes and goes, I am always able to learn more about the agricultural industry. Growing up on a farm with a row crop operation, I have seen what needs to be done in the fields; but now as an intern for Hoegemeyer, I am able to learn the exact steps that are needed before the seed is delivered as well as what takes place once the field is planted and growing.  

Over the weeks I have been able to learn more about the crops and what is needed for them to grow and be able to give a high yield at harvest. Recently I have been learning more about the growth stages of the crops. It is important to make sure that the crops are growing properly to know if they need any other nutrients added to the soil or not. One thing to make sure of is that you are not spraying fields too late. This year it was difficult for many farmers to get out into the fields, since there were many storms. Once the fields started to grow time was starting to run out in order to spray fields. It was becoming a choice of spraying the fields or if spraying the field would kill more plants when running the sprayers in the fields.  

Every other week I have been able to ride with a DSM or an agronomist. With them, I am able to meet people across Nebraska that use Hoegemeyer and love what they are doing. The wonderful people I have met have shown how dedicated they are to this industry. With taking photos of the farmers as well as interviewing them, I am able to share their stories with others.  


*Steve Casper and Phil Swantek take a look at Casper’s plot to make sure that everything is properly growing.