Eastern Agronomist's 2023 Regional Picks



7224 AM

  • A consistent performer in northern Iowa
  • Moves north well as a 102 RM product
  • Strong stress emergence, early flowering, and fast drydown

7653 Q

  • Exciting new Qrome product for Iowa with high yield potential
  • Good drought tolerance
  • Strong emergence for high residue fields

8009 AM

  • Outstanding raw yield potential
  • Good root strength for Iowa soils
  • Moderate stature

8084 AM/8085 Q

  • Consistent product from ear to ear and acre to acre
  • Moderate stature with strong roots
  • Good stress emergence


8231/ 8233 AM/ 8235 Q

  • Elite genetics with maximum versatility
  • Optimum AQUAmax drought tolerance with excellent stability
  • Good top-end yield ability



1903 E

  • Peking SCN resistance with Rps1k Phytophthora gene
  • Solid combination of good iron chlorosis, white old, and SDS tolerance
  • Full canopy with good pant height for tough soil conditions

2123 E

  • Next generation Enlist E3 with leading yield and disease package              
  • Peking SCN resistance with very good iron chlorosis tolerance
  • Widely adapted product that excels in high-yield environments

2553 E

  • Next Generation Enlist E3 mid-group 2 yield leader
  • Good white mold tolerance and brown stem rot
  • Well suited to western Iowa

2763 E

  • Next Generation Enlist E3 with top yield potential
  • Peking SCN resistance with good iron chlorosis
  • Well-adapted product for Iowa with big yield potential

3413 E

  • New Enlist E3 with a strong disease package
  • Peking SCN resistance with Rps1k Phytophthora gene
  • Maintains height under stress for southern Iowa