Western Agronomists' 2024 Regional Corn Picks

With the largest corn launch class to date, our team is beyond excited about our product offerings for the 2024 year. Here are some the stick-out products that you should look into fo the upcoming planting season. 

7523 Q

  • A 105 day Qrome product with maximum versatility
  • Features Aquamax drought tolerance and great Goss’s Wilt tolerance
  • Tough hybrid that’s also a SilageMAX

7843 AM

  • A new 108-day double stack hybrid with excellent yield potential
  • Shorter statured plant type that responds well to management
  • Moves south well as a 108-day hybrid

8052 Q

  • A high-yielding new 110-day Qrome product

  • Well suited to corn-on-corn environments
  • Moderate-statured plant type with good flex

8235 Q

  • A versatile veteran Aquamax product
  • SilageMAX product that also has great yield potential
  • Great test weight

8454 Q

  • A new 114-day Qrome product with top-end yield potential
  • Heavy test wight and great year-long root strength
  • Manage fields for timely harvest


Craig Langemeier | Western Product Agronomist | 402-215-8965

Phil Swantek | Western Product Agronomist | 402-948-0464