Western Agronomists' 2023 Regional Picks



7523 Q

  • A tough new 105-day triple stack option with Aquamax rating
  • Built for the tougher dryland or limited irrigation acre
  • Great roots, stalk, and Goss' score make this a great western product

7921 Q 

  • A 109-day Qrome product with great yield potential
  • Great flex allows lower planting populations
  • Excellent staygreen and overall disease tolerance

8188 Q 

  • A high yielding 111-day triple stack
  • Great stress emergence for high residue situations
  • Good disease package for corn-on-corn fields

8231/ 8233 AM/ 8235 Q

  • A staple 112 day product that features an Aquamax rating
  • Awesome test weight with great versatility
  • Available in conventional, double, and triple stacks

8447 AM

  • An elite 114 day product with exceptional yield potential
  • Large attractive ears and kernels
  • Above average flex and disease package                             


2553 E

  • A new 2.5 Enlist soybean with great yield potential
  • Good white mold and SDS tolerance
  • Well suited to Nebraska

2763 E

  • A new widely adapted Enlist variety
  • Outstanding yield potential that fits almost any acre
  • Features Peking SCN source

2781 NX

  • An offensive type soybean with great yield potential
  • Medium statured with good standability
  • Good emergence and standability

2831 E

  • Good stress tolerance for dryland acres
  • Good canopy coverage
  • Go-anywhere soybean for the western region

3141 E

  • Yield leader for early group 3 soybean
  • Great emergence
  • Well suited to a variety of acres