Southern Agronomist's 2023 Regional Picks


8750 AML

  • A 117 RM product for silage and grain acres.
  • Tall-statured plant with tall ear placement suited for high-yielding fields and hillside acres.
  • A history of strong performance across Kansas and Missouri

8303 AM

  • A new 113 RM product we are excited to add to the lineup
  • A good option for irrigated fields
  • Offers top-end yield potential

8231/8233 AM/8235 Q

  • Available in 3 trait packages (conventional, double stack, and triple stack)
  • Keeps test weight consistently higher
  • Aquamax rating makes this product suitable for dryland and irrigated acres

8156 AM

  • A New 111 RM that has a fit across variable dryland acres
  • Good ear flex
  • A standout in the 2022 drought season

7322 AML

  • Leptra trait provides protection against corn earworm and western bean cutworm
  • A tough product that performs on dryland acres across Kansas and Colorado
  • Good late-season staygreen


3413 E

  • New 3.4 RM soybean featuring Next Generation Enlist genetics
  • Top-end yield potential for 3.5 RM and below lineup
  • A strong option for high-yielding acres

3953 E

  • A 3.9 RM soybean that brings strong disease agronomics
  • Good standability
  • Versatile option for high-yielding and high pH acres

4743 E

  • A versatile 4.7 RM soybean that is a good option for first-crop and double-crop soybeans in Kansas and Missouri
  • An intermediate salt excluder makes this bean a good option for both tough and higher-yielding acres



  • Newer 104 day white sorghum
  • Good performance on drought-prone acres from Kansas and Colorado up through Nebraska
  • High-end yield potential also makes this product suitable for a limited-full irrigation acre


  • A new 102 day red sorghum we are excited to add to the lineup
  • Good option for dryland fields in Kansas and Colorado